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She is not only Radio Host but she is the founder and CEO of two Organization. SVital Corporation and  Why Not Wait inc. Find out more on her endeavors by clicking the link below.

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Its not everyday that our young people get the opportunity to voice their opinions about the hottest topics. Here at Vital Statistics we are all about you having a voice.  Stay tuned for news and updates about this power packed event coming to a city near you. 

Sex, Relationships, Dating, Love, Waiting?

Every time I do a open mic conversations theses are the most brought up concerns by youth and young adults. They want answers and they want honesty. 


St. Louis


Virgina & D.C.

Show Topics A-Z

When Wisdom Speaks Every 3rd Wednesday

Proverbs 15:22 Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.  Do you lack wise counsel in your relationships?  

Entrepreneurship & Relationship

Can you really do business with your friends?  What do good relationships look like? How to start a business after college.

All Things Matter

Do you have a concern about what going on in the world?  Are their things that bother you and you want to speak out about them?


Are you waiting for something to happen, change or be different?  Then log onto AMAZON.com and pick up "The ABCs of Waiting" Understanding the Concepts and Truths for Waiting.

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Guest spot light...

Introducing my 1/24/18 Interview Uniquely Sorrell. We will have a video up of her interview in a few days.

Favorite Video of 2017

Enjoy this video as my mother joins me for a pre radio interview show.

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